1. Lively colors of the sunset

  2. The lively color of a sunset

  3. Handmade buckeye burl wooden heart pendent with copper backing

  4. New Valentines day wooden heart bracelets. A simple touch of nature to express the love for you other half!


    you may purchase them at http://www.ophilya.etsy.com 

  5. It is sad to think that not everyone gets to experience the pleasure in creating with their hands. So through this small clipping we are attempting to bring you into a up close and personal perspective in the productive process of creating the wooden stud earrings. — at In the studio.


  6. Braking in some new skills, we have turned each sample piece that we made on the lather into intricate pendents. Some we have embedded natural stones while others we polish to a shine so we can expose the beauty in the grain of the exotic wood used.


     You may purchase them at www.ophilya.etsy.com 

  7. These are newly created wallets with exotic wood clasp. Completely handstiched and hand carved wooden piece.

    You can purchase them at www.ophilya.etsy.com